Projects of the Maritime Heritage Foundation


Countering Piracy

The painting by Fred Boom depicts an anti-piracy action during Operations ‘OCEAN SHIELD’ and ‘ATALANTA’.


The Assault on Walcheren (Westkapelle) 1st November 1944

This painting depits Operation “Infatuate”. On November 1, 1944, English, Canadian, French, Norwegian, Belgian troops and Dutch commandos of No. 2 Dutch Troop landed near Vlissingen and Westkapelle and launched the attack to liberate Walcheren from the German occupiers.


Rotterdam May 10th 1940

This painting depicts the battle in the Netherlands in May 1940 with emphasis on the improvised cooperation between Navy and Marines in the defense of Rotterdam.


Chance Encounter

This painting depicts the chance meeting of the Dornier flying boat X-35 and the submarine K-XIV on December 23, 1941 near Kuching (Borneo).