The cruiser HMNLS de Ruyter in action during the daytime battle of the Battle of the Java Sea on 27 February 1942

By Fred Boom

The Battle in the Java Sea, 27 February 1942.

On 18 August 2015, veterans signed 100 lithographs with the image of the afore-mentioned oil painting by Fred Boom in the Royal Home for Former Soldiers and Museum Bronbeek, near Arnhem.

Fred Boom’s oil painting was purchased by the Karel Doorman Fund and was presented on the occasion of the commissioning of the JSS HNLMS Karel Doorman to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 24 April 2015. It sits currently in the Captain’s cabin on board this ship.

Edition: 150 prints, 55 of which bear the original stamp with the signature of Rear-Admiral K.W.F.M. Doorman RMWO.

Maritime-heritage-paintings-art-22-J.A. van der Louw

The former Adjudant-General, Major-General drs. J.A. van der Louw, received lithograph No. 1 on behalf of H.R.H. Princess Beatrix, Patron of the Karel Doorman Fund, , on 27 February 2017.

Maritime-heritage-paintings-art-23-General Verkerk

Lithograph no. 2 was subsequently presented by the Board of the Maritime Heritage Foundation to the then C-ZSK (Commander of the Netherlands Naval Forces), Lieutenant-General R. Verkerk RNLMC.

Maritime-heritage-paintings-art-24-F. V. van Sprang RNLMC

Another signed print was presented to the current Inspector-General of the Armed Forces and Inspector of Veterans, Lieutenant-General F. V. van Sprang RNLMC.

The signatories are:
Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Lieutenant F.C. Bakker (MARKAZ Goebeng, Marine Battalion Java, Japanese PoW)
  • Chief Petty Officer H.C.E. Jacob (RNLNAS Surabaya, later 320 Squadron, England)
  • Able-Seaman (AB) F. A. Jans (HNLMS Kortenaer, Japanese PoW),
  • Leading Seaman (LHMEM) H. Kleijn (MARKAZ Goebeng, Japanese PoW),
  • Leading Seaman C.I. Landegent (HNLMS Tromp)
  • Captain R. van Wely (HNLMS Banckert),
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
  • Corporal L. Visser (Marine Battalion Java)

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