The Assault on Walcheren (Westkapelle) on 1 November 1944

By Peter Sterkenburg

Operation “Infatuate”. On 1 November 1944, English, Canadian, French, Norwegian, Belgian troops and Dutch commandos of No. 2 Dutch Troop landed near Vlissingen and Westkapelle and launched an attack to liberate Walcheren from the German occupiers. “Westkapelle 1944” is one of the battle honours on the colours of the Korps Commando Troepen.

The unveiling of the painting took place at the St. Jacob’s Church in Vlissingen, by the acting Queen’s Commissioner, Drs. A.J.J. Poppelaars LLM, on 29 October 1999 with 200 mainly English veterans present, who all received a signed lithograph.

Lithograph No.1 was presented to the then CGRM (Commandant General Royal Marines), Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Fulton KBE, in The Mountbatten Room, Royal Marines Museum, Portsmouth, on 15 June 2000.

Prof. Dr. John Forfar MC used the image in 2001 as the cover for his book ‘From Omaha to the Scheldt, The Story of 47 Royal Marine Commando’.

The original oil painting by Peter J. Sterkenburg is on loan to the Province of Zeeland.

Edition: 450

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Captain RAMC Rtd. Prof. Dr. John Forfar MC FRSE


In 2019 the image was used again on the cover of the book ‘Slag om de Schelde 1944’, by Dr. T. van Gent MP and Hans Sakkers.

150 prints were signed by 20 veterans from 41, 47 and 48 Royal Marines Commando Associations, Royal Naval Support Squadron Eastern Flank, The Scottish Regiments and the Royal Artillery Mounted Regiment. The other signatories were:
Royal Netherlands Army
  • Captain S.F. Boonstra (No. 2 Dutch Troop, 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)
  • Corporal J.W. Bothe BK (No. 2 Dutch Troop, 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)
  • Warrant Officer 2nd Class V.G. Kokhuis BK (No. 2 Dutch Troop, 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)
  • Brigadier-General J. Linzel OON BL BK MBE (No. 2 Dutch Troop, 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel C. de Ruiter OON BK (No. 2 Dutch Troop, 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)
  • H.W. van der Steen BK, Commando (No. 2 Dutch Troop, No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando)

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