Landing of the “Mariniersbrigade” on Pasir Poetih Beach, East Java on 21 July 1947

By Peter Sterkenburg

“Operation Product” was a Dutch military offensive against areas of Java and Sumatra controlled by the Republic of Indonesia during the Indonesian National Revolution from 21 July until 4 August 1947.

The painting portrays the action of the Mariniers Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, and the phenomenon of “amphibious landing” during this operation. A large number of marines and Sherman tanks, disembark from several landing craft, including the LCT HNLMS Pelikaan. Naval and Naval Air Service elements are depicted by a PBY Catalina flying boat passing by and a destroyer on the horizon.

The painting was unveiled at the VGKZ in Rotterdam by the then Inspector General of the Armed Forces and Inspector of Veterans, Vice Admiral Joost van Aalst, and the Commanding Officer of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, Major-General E.C. Klop.

The oil painting by Peter J. Sterkenburg is on loan to the Royal Netherlands Navy (Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam).

Edition: 250 prints

Maritime-heritage-paintings-art-11-Van Ghent Kazerne

Signatories and Staff of the Van Ghent Kazerne Rotterdam as well as the artist Mr Peter Sterkenburg (far right).

The 27 signatories where:

Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Captain (Eng) H.J. Bouvy BL
  • Rear Admiral (Eng) L. M. den Hond
  • Captain J.N.J. van der Meij
  • Captain J.C.A. Siliacus BK
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
  • Corporal H. Brandsma RMWO4
  • Corporal S. Elfring BK
  • Colonel P.P.H. Engles
  • Captain H.J.C. Habets BK
  • Captain G.N. Hakkenberg RMWO4
  • Colonel J. Hameete BK
  • Corporal A. Hoeben RMWO4
  • Marine 1st Class W. de Jonge BK
  • Lieutenant-Colonel T. Jonkman BK KV
  • Captain H.J. Janssen BK
  • Captain J. de Koster RMWO4
  • Major C.G. Lems RMWO4
  • Captain A. Loontjens BK Chévalier de la Légion d’Honneur
  • Major E.F. Meerdink BL
  • Sergeant G. Poldervaart BK2
  • Marine 1st Class J.M. Raedts BK
  • Sergeant-Major B.W. Reurling BK
  • Marine 1st Class S.J.J. Verdegaal BK
  • WOI C.J. Visser BK
  • Captain A. van Wijk BL
  • Marine 2nd Class J. de Winter BL
Royal Netherlands Army
  • Lieutenant-Colonel F.W.B. Baron van Lynden RNL CON BK LLM (Cavalry Voluntary Reserve)

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