Chance Encounter

By Robert Tailor

This painting depicts the chance meeting of the Dornier flying boat X-35 and HNLM submarine K-XIV on 23 December 1941 near Kuching (Borneo). The occasion for this project was the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service (Marine Luchtvaartdienst) and the 90th anniversary of the Submarine Service. At the time the two units met, the crew of K-XIV was not aware of the position of the enemy fleet. After the X-35 passed on the coordinates of that fleet per signal lamp to the K-XIV, the boat launched an attack, in which two Japanese ships were sunk and a third one was badly damaged. This action was one of the first Allied successes against Japanese armed forces during the Second World War.

The signing took place on 5 September 1997 in the Wardroom of the former Royal Netherlands Naval Air Station Valkenburg, near The Hague.

Limited Edition: 100 (sold out)

Maritime-heritage-paintings-art-01-RNLNAS Valkenburg

Signatories flanked by the staff of the RNLNAS Valkenburg, the Flag Officer Naval Air Service and the Board of SME

Each print is signed by 2 crew members of the X-35 and 3 of the K-XIV:
  • Lieutenant H. van den Ende BK (K-XIV)
  • Warrant Officer Class 1 – Pilot P.E. Kommer (X-35)
  • Commander J. ‘Red’ van Nieuwenhuizen BK (K-XIV)
  • Lieutenant E. Scholte BK (K-XIV)
  • Lieutenant G.A. van Schooten BK2 VK (X-35)

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